Heal@Millbrook offers a range of programs for different people at different stages of their life and different ages, from 7-70.

Whether you’re a young person, a woman, a man, identify as LGBTQI or a family unit, Heal@Millbrook has a program to assist you on your healing and growth journey.


Healing Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy program (HEAL)

Our team of nine co-facilitators are sensitive and feel subtle changes in the environment and in people. Equines are great supporters of the healing process for those struggling with conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma, poor communication and interpersonal skills, low self-esteem and self-confidence, those that have suffered domestic violence, grief and loss.

Over 8 sessions you will work with co-facilitators of the human kind and also the four-legged kind, our horses and donkeys.

As you engage with the environment and the horses you will learn about yourself and how you interact with and experience the world. It’s through these interactions and understandings that you will be assisted to build new strategies to deal with life’s challenges and also to assist you to set new boundaries and ways to communicate effectively with those around you.

Traditional Talk Therapy

As a qualified youth and family counsellors, we offer counselling to support and strengthen your relationships as a family. We can help identify alternative strategies and tools to use at home that can be helpful in times of challenge.

Individual counselling sessions are also available. This option provides the opportunity to be able to have a conversation with a professional in a safe, private, non-judgemental and confidential environment.

Mindful Body Breath Movement sessions

The natural environment at Heal@Millbrook is perfect for unwinding, connecting and becoming more grounded.

Attend the Mindful Body Breath Movement sessions to learn the importance and power of being “in the moment”.

These sessions, focussing on breath and body awareness, have the potential to help regulate your emotions and find clarity in times of stress.

This unique practice supports those of any ability or age, through gentle and restorative exercises.

The purpose of this practice is to release physical and emotional tension and incorporates Qigong (chi gong). Qigong is a form of energy work and incorporates co-ordinated body movement, breathing and meditation.

Catholic Regional College has worked with the Heal program from its implementation and we are often blown away by the impacts that it has had on some of our students. We have noticed particular success with students suffering from anxiety. Over the 8 sessions of the program it is a privilege to observe their increase in self confidence and self worth, many of them overcoming long term fears. Quite often the program creates social connections and shared experiences between the four students that we send and this has created friendships for sometimes isolated students. I think the program makes each student feel special and valued and for some is a welcome break from the school environment.
We are always impressed by the professional, caring and flexible approach of the facilitators. They are a pleasure to work with and our students love them. I fully recommend the program

Catholic Regional College

How We Do Things Differently

Not all equine therapists are the same.  Just like all horses are not the same.

How we differ at Heal@Millbrook is through our expertise and qualifications and importantly, we always have two human co-facilitators present for each and every session.

There is no riding of the horses at Heal@Millbrook.

We provide a purposely-built therapeutic environment that protects your privacy and confidentiality.